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Outdoor classroom gardens

Outdoor classroom gardens promoted by Farm Bureau LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) – Arkansas Farm Bureau has launched a program to encourage gardens at schools.

The project shows the connection between agriculture and the every-day environment, says Andy Guffey, education coordinator with Farm Bureau. A participating school may apply for a matching-funds grant to help construct a learning garden.

These funds can be used to construct vegetable gardens, gardens featuring traditional production agriculture crops, forestry projects or livestock pasture projects. The funds may not be used for butterfly gardens or nature trails. The gardens are meant to be used as outdoor learning areas for students.

Guffey said there is no deadline for grant applications, but there are limited funds available for the grants. Once the limit is reached, there will not be any more grants awarded until next year. The application must include a description of the source and amount of matching funds that will be used for the project. In-kind donations are acceptable forms of matching funds.

"An integral part of this program is the advising of the project by local agricultural agencies and at least one local farmer," Guffey said. "We hope this program will generate more interest from the schools in the types of agriculture that are in their counties."

For more information, contact Guffey at 501-228-1219 or by e-mail at andrew.guffey@arfb.com.

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