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Heavy rain has lead to flash flooding in some counties

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Flooding was a major concern Thursday in Greene County where several inches of rain fell in a short period of time. That rain turned many of the rural roads into a river.

Greene County Judge Jerry Shipman said, "It appears after midnight that we got about three inches of rain. That flooded about 70 miles of our road and it put about 35 miles of it impassible." 

He said as of Thursday afternoon water still covered many of the roads across the county.

"We have the 200 area that gets a lot of cover and the 800 area just almost gets impassible really," said Shipman.

Many of the roads weren't just impassible they were washed out by the water's strong current.

Shipman said, "We try to block the ones (roads) that are covered with water and the ones that are not we bring in our materials that will support the traffic to travel over it."

Due to the large number of roads that were damaged, Shipman said they couldn't get them all repaired. However, they will continue to work in the days to come. For now, the ditches are still clogged with debris leaving the water no place to go.

Shipman said, "The ice storm taking the trees down into the ditches and that's still got the ditches clogged and that's why this road is only serving as a ditch."

He said with more rain on the way the road conditions could get worse before they get better.

"This is usually about an eight hour to recede enough that you can travel over it and some of our lower areas sometimes it takes over a week or two," said Shipman.

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