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How do schools handle dangerous weather?

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)  Before the wheels on the buses start rolling, Westside School District Transportation Director Robert Carr, says they make sure the roads they travel are safe.

"It's a big responsibility.   I monitor the weather all the time--all the time," said Carr. 

Carr says they have 22 bus routes, and some of the roads on those routes can be trouble spots during bad weather.

"There are several in our district that do get underwater and we do check them," said Carr.

In the morning and in the afternoon, especially if heavy rain has moved through.

"We usually go out in the afternoons before the buses run and the drivers also know which ones are under water and which ones are not," said Carr.

Because of the unpredictability and potential dangers, Carr says buses do not go down roads that are covered in water, but they're able to make sure parents know that.

"They've got a list of the phone numbers on the bus and they contact the parents and they have them meet them at a convenient location to pick them up," said Carr.

Carr says if there's a tornado in the district, they do not let school out.

In addition they monitor the weather in an effort to try and avoid any potential weather dangers while on the routes.

"Bus drivers know where the shelters are, so if they're close to a shelter, they can get them in a shelter. So if they're in a bad way--they can get in there," said Carr.

The buses can be packed with anywhere from 45 to 60 students and Carr says those students are the top priority.

"Kids' safety comes first," said Carr.  

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