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The NEA Workforce Investment Board putting people to work

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A group of people are trying to get Arakansas residents to work. The Northeast Arkansas Workforce Investment Board met on Thursday to go over the financial situation of businesses and counties they represent.

The board is comprised of thirty-five public and private sector members. Chair for the board, Dean Inman, says the board is continuing to work with the same initiative it always has. "We're here to do that work that we've always done. To help facilitate Arkansans finding jobs and if they need training to help facilitate that. We marshall resources, if you will, and help employers find people to work for them."

Inman says the employer and the employee are the clients the board works for and that at every meeting they go over their financial situation. "We'll talk about our financial circumstances. We have a report on that at every meeting so we'll know how well we're doing. We actually have a goal of providing at least sixty-five percent of our funding to the programs for clients. That's what the business is all about. Helping the job seekers and employers."

Inman says despite the downturn in the economy, he's hopeful things will continue to pick up. "As a result of the economy having slowed down, it effects the funding streams that come to us. They're less currently than they have been in the past. But with any good things happening in the economy, that will change things and we can help more."

The board meets three times a year. For more information about the Northeast Arkansas Workforce Investment Board, log onto their website.

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