Charges Filed Against Greens

Bill Dale Green (File)
Bill Dale Green (File)
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Charles Wayne Green (File)
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James Edward Green (File)

August 22, 2003 - Posted at: 4:59 p.m. CDT

POCAHONTAS, Ark. -- A man and his two sons are now formally charged in the 1998 murder of a Dalton family.

The charges were filed today against Billy Dale Green and his sons, Chad Green and Jason Edward Green. Billy and Chad Green were each charged with four counts of capital murder and a count of kidnapping, and Billy was also charged with a count of threatening a witness. Jason Green was charged with two counts of hindering apprehension or prosecution.

The bodies of Lisa and Gregory Elliott were discovered on July 30, 1998. Both were determined to have died due to multiple sharp force injuries.

Last month, on the five-year anniversary of the discovery, the Green family was arrested by Randolph County Sheriff Brent Earley.

Both Billy and Charles Green are being held without bond. Jason Green is being held on $250,000 bond. Billy Green is being held at the Craighead County Detention Center, while Charles and Jason are being held in Randolph County.

Initially, Allen Elliott was considered a suspect in the murder of his wife and son, and the abduction of his daughter, Felicia. That later changed on August 2, 1998, when his body was discovered floating in the Eleven Point River with two, .22-caliber gunshot wounds to the head.

Felicia Elliott's remains were found in on September 8, 2000, in a creek bed a quarter of a mile from Billy Green's residence.

News agencies and the elder Green's court-appointed lawyer complained that Prosecutor Henry Boyce was holding the Greens without disclosing why. Boyce released edited copies of the affidavits used to establish cause for arrest two weeks ago, but the court file remained empty until late Friday.

The affidavits released Friday named Bonnie J. Hensley as the woman who told police she saw Charles Green the morning of July 30, 1998 wearing a "pair of bloody cut off blue jean shorts," the affidavit reads. Hensley admitted to a relationship with him at the time of the murders.

Charles Green attributed the blood to a fight with his brother, Jason. In December of 1998, a gold 1975 Cadillac owned by Jason Green -- which was sold to a salvage yard by Billy Green within a week of the murders -- was found to have blood on its turn signal, seats, and steering wheel.

In an August 2001 interview, Mary Green, the matriarch of the Green family, told police that Carl Allen Elliott was "pretty tight" with her husband and sons. The affidavit details that "Carl came to her house quite often to do business with Billy Green who is a methamphetamine cook."

Mary Green recalled seeing blood in her son's Cadillac around the time of the murders, and found it odd that Billy, Charles, and Jason never really said anything to her about Carl Allen Elliott being killed.

Despite a rape charge not filed in the case, the arrest affidavit released Friday details a confidential source's claim that Felicia Elliott "was raped by Charles and Jason Green, and they had killed her, (and) dumped her body behind their father Billy Green's home." The same source said that the Green sons said they killed the Elliott family over a drug deal that had gone bad.

According to previous documents obtained by KAIT, two confidential sources interviewed in September 2001 said that say that they witnessed all three Green men drive up to Billy Green's residence the night of the Elliott murders in the Warm Springs community with a fourth individual in Jason's Cadillac. Both sources say that the Greens then drove down a path behind Billy Green's home toward the location where Felicia Elliott's remains were found.

Upon returning later from the drive, Charles and Jason Green asked both sources if they wanted to go to a nearby pond to "go and get high." At the pond, a witness told investigators that Charles and Jason Green "began talking about having to kill the Elliotts because they owed them some money on a drug deal and they would not pay."

In an addendum the arrest affidavit released Friday, both sources were reinterviewed by Arkansas State Police investigator Scott Pillow on August 14, 2003. Both sources confirmed their initial statements, but said that the discussion took place on July 30, 1998, instead of July 29, as previously stated.

One of the sources went on to say that they were threatened by the brothers with death, if they informed police of what had been said and heard that evening.

All three are expected to be arraigned in Randolph County Circuit Court on Tuesday.