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Counties working together against child abuse

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)  Numerous professionals work together in their respective counties for the children, but on Friday, the different county representatives around Region 8 came  together to help each other and the children.

 Inside this room are members of multi-disciplinary teams from different counties across Region 8.

"The meetings are very important, and training is very important," said Lt. Jennifer Ephlin.

Teams comprised of different entities that work on child abuse cases--from law enforcement to prosecutors, even mental health professionals.

"It inspires me more anytime I go to training," said Ephlin.

Osceola Police Department detective,  Lt. Jennifer Ephlin, is part of Mississippi County's MDT.

"They can provide you with so much information--you know the networking part of it," said Ephlin.

Networking with other team members from other counties--working together against child abuse.

"What we wanted to do was enthuse everybody, teach us new skills, and make sure we were doing things to the best possible result," said Children Advocacy Center Executive Director, Susie Cover.

Cover says the center serves 8 and a half counties.  She adds bringing team members from the different counties together allows them to exchange ideas and resources to help abused children.

"The benefit is that child gets the best resources of the best people in Northeast Arkansas working on their case," said Cover.

"Even though an offense occurred in one county, it may touch other counties and other individuals so we then have someone else that we can go to and ask for help with a particular investigation," said Crittenden County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Melanie Alsworth.

"There's always great ideas, but it gets me motivated more to really get at my job and just get after it," said Ephlin.

The multi-disciplinary teams from each county meet on a regular basis.  They all came together Friday for training and as a way to meet, and exchange ideas on how to most effectively help abused children.  

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