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Gas prices skyrocket across Region 8

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Over the past week, the cost to fill up your gas tank has sky-rocketed. CNN reported the national average price for gas at $3.33. While Arkansas is still below the national average, people across Region 8 are feeling the burden on their pocketbooks.

Jonesboro resident Andre Thompson feels the affects of these steep gas prices. "They are pretty high and they need to go down. We have kids. We have families. I mean, twenty cents in like three days, it's crazy," says Thompson.

It has gotten to the point that when you go to pump, you have to be prepared to pump out a pretty penny. "For forty bucks, I got twelve gallons," says Thompson. shows just how much the price of gas has jumped. Starting Feb 21st, the price averaged just under $3.04 per gallon, but within a seven day span, jumped to almost $3.27 per gallon. Some AAA representatives believe the cause of the price hike..."All of the unrest we have seen in the Middle East over the past few weeks is directly impacting prices at the pump right now," says Jennifer Brownlee, with AAA out of Minneapolis.

Michael Fox, with the Gas and Automotive Service Dealers in New York, does not expect prices to let up anytime soon especially in the bigger cities. "I have been saying for the past three months prices will be $4.20 by Memorial Day. Everybody said I was crazy, and yes I was the first one to mention the five dollar word. I see nothing to stop this," says Fox.

As for Thompson, he has already had to make adjustments to his personal life. "Yeah, I'm staying in the house more. I'm not going anywhere," says Thompson.

To check out the cheapest price of gas near you, or keep us in the loop on what your paying, you can always visit our Pump Patrol. All you have to do is click on the business tab at the top of the homepage and to find the link.

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