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Tremors rattle homes in Arkansas, damage possible

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BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) – Sunday's 4.7 earthquake rattled homes across the state of Arkansas. There were actually several quakes on Sunday the largest being a 4.7 followed closely by a 3.8. All were centered around Greenbriar and rippled out from there.We went to Independence County to see if anyone had felt the quake and suffered any damage.

Stopping first in Oil Trough we spoke with Noel Cordoza who lives in Batesville.  Even to this former California resident it was startling.

Cordoza, "I was laying back on the couch and my little dog kept barking and barking and I didn't know why. Then about 15 minutes after that I felt a little earthquake and that was about it. The windows rattled but it was just like a little shake in the ground . I thought it was a truck passing by but I looked out the window and there was nothing there."

Peggy Stevens  and her family was having lunch at the Exxon in Pleasant Plains. The Stevens family lives in Mountain Home and was at home watching TV when the quake hit.

"What scared me was the fact that we didn't know what it was." said Stevens, " We were sitting there talking and the next thing we knew the whole mobile started shaking and we were sorta scared because we knew we had storms coming but it was just scary because the ground moved like that."

Stevens said she hopes this quake wasn't a beginning of a series of larger quakes.

For the residents that live in Floral the shock went through, pretty fast.

Sylvia Rogers lives in a shallow valley outside Floral. "The house shook, it sounded like thunder, like a gust of wind. My husband was outside and he came in the house, I was in the kitchen and he said did you feel that and I said Yes. Then my mom called from next door and she said, "Was that just an earthquake?" and I said yes."

Rogers and her husband are both volunteer firefighters, she said after the quake her radio began to sound off. "The radio went off and everyone in Batesville was complaining that everyone was calling in complaining about the earthquake."

Greenbriar  has been having a series of small quakes for several months. Becky Brown who is originally from Greenbriar but now lives in Floral said this quake was centered on family property according to her son who lives in Kansas City.

Brown, "His step brother lives there (Greenbriar) and he said the epicenter was on his property right behind his house."

There are numerous quakes in the Greenbriar area but this one was the most powerful in many years. Rogers said it really is a stand out quake. 

Rogers, "This one seems real unusual. We had one a couple of weeks ago that we felt a little bit but nothing like this one."

So far only minor damage from the quake has been reported.

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