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Recent precipitation damaging Clay County roads

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) -The recent rains have taken their toll on many roads, including those in Clay County.  The winter months are always tough on roads.  This month we've had both snow fall and heavy rains and that eats away at the roads causing problems for Clay County officials and residents.

"Sometimes it makes them real bad and muddy and nasty," said Daniel Burr with the Clay County Road Department.

Recent weather has damaged these roads.

"We've been real fortunate so far, even after the bad rainfall we had last week.  We have some problem areas we're trying to attend to," said Burr.

Rainfall Sunday night, in addition to what they received last week, has kept the ditches full.

"In 24 hours or less, even if it gets over the road, on 90 percent of the roads the water is gone," said Clay County Judge Gary Howell.

Howell said work has been done to improve the ditches in the area and that is helping the water flow better when it does rain.  There are still some areas where the water is blocked.

"There's still a lot of ice storm left from '09 and you can see in the major creek here there's still a lot of debris," said Howell.

Howell said a hard rain is actually not as hard on the roads as a slow drizzle.  He said hard rains help pack down the dirt roads.  A dry summer and fall have also helped the flooding from being worse.

"When that water gets up high like that you never know what happened underneath it.  Be extra, extra careful," said Howell.

Water is still covering the road halfway and cotton stalks that used to be in the field are now out in the middle of the road.

"We want everyone to understand that we're doing the best that we can," said Burr.

Right after a rainstorm, crews are often unable to get to all of the parts of the county that have road damage.

"Clay County is a large county.  We have about 1,000 miles of gravel roads and that's mainly what we tend to," said Burr.

After a storm, Burr said the focus is on getting roads that buses travel on cleared off.

If you have any questions or concerns about road conditions in the county you are urged to call the county office at (870)598-2667.

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