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Women's abuse center to open in northeast Arkansas

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

SWIFTON, AR (KAIT) - Butterflies signify beauty and transformation. Now, a Jackson County couple wants to transform women struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

Jessica and Mark Duncan both had the dream to help those who struggle with addiction. Tuesday, their dreams came true when the doors opened on the Butterfly Ranch Women's Center in Swifton.

"It has always been my desire to go back and help women to let them know that there is hope," says Co-Founder Jessica Duncan. Something she would like to give others, who struggle with substance and alcohol abuse, through the 12-month faith-based program.

"God can take something broken, old, and tattered, and He can turn it around and can recreate it," says Jessica Duncan.

It is a description that the she says fits what the Butterfly Ranch Women's Center wants to do. But, Co-Founder Mark Duncan says the name holds an even deeper meaning. He says it was also inspired by his cousin Stephanie Baughn Dennis who passed away in 2003. Her tombstone is shaped like a butterfly.

"She had a conversation with me at one time. She told me that she wanted to clean up her life, and her life be used to show other women that there's another way. I believe this is a time that God is going to use her life to show women there is something better," says Mark Duncan.

The center will be able to house up to 12 women. Mark Duncan says he knew the need was there after he spoke with a friend who needed help for a family member.

"He said he can find many facilities for men to get help, but it was harder to get help for women," says Mark Duncan

Jessica Duncan says the program will not only help the women conquer their addiction, but help set them up for success.

"We're hoping that they can gain some life skills. They can gain employment. So that when they graduate, they have money to get their own place where they're not going back into what they came out of," she says.

The couple says the community has been very supportive of the cause. Several people have made donations, and given time. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, and needs help, the couple say there is room available. Just visit the website at butterflyranch.org   where you can find information about donating, or how to sign up for the program.

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