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Dr. Seuss turns 107-years-old

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library held a special "all day" party for it's patrons celebrating Dr. Seuss' 107th birthday.

The library held a number of activities throughout the day, which included guest readers popping in to read Dr. Seuss stories to the children. Father Jacob Sawyer has three children he brings to story time at the Jonesboro Public Library.

Sawyer says even his youngest child, one year old Sam, enjoys coming to the library. "We try to make it out for story times during the pre-k. My four year old and three year old both love it and they get a lot from it. We really appreciate this free resource they have out here. And I'm seeing that my one year old is really responding to the adults reading the stories in front of him. I think he gets a lot out of it too."

Jonesboro resident and mother, Mary Dellosso, says her four year old son has been visiting the Jonesboro Public Library for two years. "I think it's great. They have all these programs and they're all free of charge. There's always something going on and they have programs for kids of all ages. Not just the little ones. So, I think it's wonderful."

Sawyer says he feels the library is entertaining their children, while encouraging them to read at the same time. "We love Dr. Seuss at home. We love all his stories. We like the fact that you can open up a page and the whole story comes to life through the picture along with the words and they're so fun to read. And I think that just by recognizing one author the library is doing a good job a raising awareness of children's literature. Getting kids excited about reading and maybe even more importantly getting parents excited about reading to their kids."

Dellosso says she can tell her own son gets a lot from the experience, as well. "I think he gets a lot out of it. Not just from a literary perspective, but he comes and sees other kids. They get to play. There's activities here for them to do so, it's not just the reading. It's a fun place to come and hang out if you have little kids and you get to come and meet other moms and dads in the area."

Sawyer says the environment the local library provides is another incentive that keeps bringing he and his boys back again and again.

"I just love it because first of all, it's nice to not to have to spend money to have fun and get a good learning experience for the kids. And it's so convenient too and it's such a friendly atmosphere. They know us by name and we feel at home when we come. My kids just love it. They get real excited and neither one of them are in public school, yet, so they are staying home with me during the daytime and my three year old refers to it as his school. He says, 'hey dad, I want to go to my school today'."

A number of the guest readers were even from the KAIT family. Guest readers included Diana Davis, Craig Rickert and Brandi Hodges.

For more information about this program or any others offered at the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library, log onto their website.

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