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Concerns growing about meth lab clean up costs

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)   For many, the biggest  concern is that there will be no more federal funding after it runs out.

Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann says not busting labs and those making meth is not an option.  He's looking ahead and  trying to figure out funding options if the county is left footing the clean up bill.

"We see them routinely and as everyone knows that's one of the major problems in Craighead County as well as the entire state of Arkansas," said Craighead County Sheriff, Jack McCann.

The war against meth wages on.  For McCann, how to clean up those meth labs is becoming another costly concern.

"If it turns out this is not going to be funded in the future, we will have to go to the quorum court and ask for more money because the money is not in my budget.   I don't have it," said McCann.

There's growing concern by some members of the Arkansas Sheriff's Association that the federal funds some departments use to clean up meth labs won't be available after the money runs out.

"In the past when we found a lab, we contacted this company and the company billed the government," said McCann.

McCann says meth lab cleanups can average as much as 2000 dollars a lab.  He says even in good economic times, that expense would still strain many city and county budgets.

"We'll do it.   We'll find the money someway.   It's just another example to me of the Federal Government not being overly concerned about drugs," said McCann.

McCann says regardless of whether or not the federal meth lab clean up money continues, their intense efforts to rid the streets of this dangerous drug must continue.

"Meth is still, probably worse than it's ever been," said McCann.

McCann says in 2010, there were 27 meth lab busts in all of Craighead County.

He says right now, he doesn't have an exact date when he  will know for sure if the federal funding for meth lab cleanups will continue.

Region 8 News will continue to track this story and let you know what happens. 

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