Security cameras coming into public school classrooms

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) -Just about every corner of learning and playing space in the Hoxie School District is covered by a video camera.

"I think it's a positive benefit.  You're able to take care of some discipline issues that may come up," said 4th grade teacher Randal Puckett.

"If there's a situation between two students, obviously there are two different stories," said Assistant Elementary Principal Tim Booth.

Cameras installed inside classrooms at Hoxie High School and elementary are helping teachers and administrators.

"With the cameras we can go back and look and see exactly what happened we can hear actually what happened," said Booth.

Booth said if there is a problem, they can review the tape and even make a copy of it.

"One advantage we have with this system is that we can email clips or pictures to the police department if it's something to do with vandalism or a break in," said Booth.

Booth can monitor the cameras from his office.  He can pull up any classroom at any time and watch it live or watch what has been recorded.

"I think it has cut down on the time of dealing with a situation, you're still going to have situations with kids you're still going to have he said-she said," said Booth>

Forth grader Kaitlin Henson said knowing the cameras are there makes her feel better.

"I don't really think about them.  I just do my homework and it really helps people behave more," said Booth.

"Most of our teachers, I would say 99% of them, don't even realize they're there until they need them," said Booth.

Many of the cameras, like those in the classroom, are stationary; but, there are some on the playground that they can move around.  Booth said while some students think about the cameras if they misbehave, for the most part they don't notice them.

"They really lose the concept of the cameras and the teachers do to.  Good teachers are going to teach no matter what," said Booth.

The video is kept on the server for ten to twelve days.  If a teacher wants to get a copy of a particular day at a particular time to review their teaching style they can make a DVD copy.  If there is an incident, they can review it.

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