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Region 8 storm team hits the road

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Region 8 Storm Team stepped out of the weather center on Thursday.

Ryan and Sarah all traveled to the Barton's location in Walnut Ridge to program weather radios for local residents.

Joan Baldridge of Walnut Ridge says past experience has proven, for her, you need to have a back up ready.

"I've been wanting one of these weather radios. I have dish network and sometimes it goes off when the storms are coming so I can't tell what's happening. And they tell me with this I can. So, I listen to Ryan all the time and he tells me to come get one."

Gary Armstrong is also from Walnut Ridge and says he experiences some of the same problems as Baldridge.

"I think this is a handy thing to have because like me, like most of the time when your TV and stuff goes out on HDTV, one of these radios here will come in handy in case of a tornado of if something did come through this area."

Armstrong says this is the first time he has ever owned a weather radio.

"I figure it's time to get one because I've never had one and I have grandchildren and stuff and for my family's sake."

Baldridge says she has had a weather radio before, but just couldn't get the thing to work.

"I think this is wonderful and I'm really glad they do this. Because I had bought one of these before and I had tried to do it myself and I couldn't do it. And they say you program this for your area and that's what makes it important."

For more information about how to program your own weather radio or for future weather radio location events, log onto the Storm Team's weather page.

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