Arkansas Attorney General Hoping to Log-Off Internet Predators

August 27, 2003 - Posted at 10:45pm

JONESBORO, AR -- Arkansas Attorney General Mike Beebe is hoping education will keep Internet predators away from Natural State kids.

He toured six cities Wednesday spreading the word about his 'Keys to Safety' program. It's a guide to familiarize parents with online safety, child abduction and runaway issues. Beebe spoke to a crowd at the Jonesboro Municipal Airport about a recent case in Hope, Arkansas.

"A man, a pedophile, a convicted, registered sex offender was chatting online and posing as a young girl, 13, 14 year old girl, and actually lured a young boy who thought he was talking to a young girl, and ultimately he was arrested," explained Beebe.

Just last week Rivercrest Junior High Assistant Principal Roger Dale Brooks was arrested by North Little Rock Police Detectives. The 52 year old arrived there from Mississippi County after soliciting sex online from someone he thought was an underaged teenage girl.

Jonesboro High School Junior Ryan Williams explained that he's been approached by strangers on the Internet.

William said: "They ask a lot of personal information about you. They try to, you know, they want a lot of deep information. They want addresses, and they want phone numbers."

Ryan Williams knows not to give out that information. Attorney General Beebe is hoping other kids will be taught that too through his 'Keys to Safety' program, before a predator pounces on them.