Trash Relief in Tyronza

August 28, 2003 - Posted at 11:30 p.m. CDT

TYRONZA, AR -- Tyronza residents have been talking trash for the past week; hoping for some relief from the sight and smell of their piling garbage.

"We just keep puttin it out here, but nobody comes and picks it up," said resident Nadine Greene.

Now, the trash is gone.

Part-time city workers normally pick-up the trash twice a week. The problem is two of the city's three trucks don't run, and the remaining one often needs repairs. Mayor Marion Bearden has been trying to hire a trash contractor since she took office January 1, 2003.

"Our last (normally scheduled) city council meeting (we) had received some good bids. City council, however, decided that they wanted to try to continue with the city garbage pick-up," said the mayor.

That was August 12, 2003. Since then, the city's only garbage truck has stopped running for the second time; leaving rubbish to rot in the sun.

Mayor Bearden said, "City council finally agreed that it was either we was gonna have to pay $100,000 for a new garbage truck and continue, or we were gonna have to bid it out, and we decided the best thing to do was to re-bid it out."

Garbage rates recently went up from $7 to $9 per month. The mayor said with this new service, it will go up an additional $1.50. She explained the increase will still cost taxpayers less in the long run, because repairs to the current truck would cost them even more.

"I'd really like to apologize to the citizens, but our hands were tied," Bearden added.

Nadine Greene commented, "I'm satisfied, if they're gonna get somebody, but I do know she's trying. She's really trying to get everything fixed up."