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Region 8 students raise money for sick children

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A group of children at one Region 8 elementary school have more important things to do than play outside. Students at Riverside East Elementary in Caraway are busy raising money for children at St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Kids in grades kindergarten through sixth grade hit the streets looking for sponsors in a "Math A Thon" fundraiser. Next, they put on their thinking caps and put to work their best problem solving skills.

But this is not the first year for this school to raise money for children with cancer. Fourth and sixth grade math teacher, Steven Brown, says they've been doing this for years. "We've been doing the Math A Thon since 1990. We've managed to raise over sixty-five thousand dollars in that time. And it's been a great thing every year. The kids all enjoy participating in it. They get to learn new math skills as well as help people who have cancer and other terrible diseases."

The kids have already succeeded the school's goal of three thousand dollars. Third grader Grace Anne says she's participated in the Math A Thon for three years and there's a really important reason she keeps coming back to help. "It was exciting. I'm glad I get to help some people that have cancer. We get a chance to do something that other people don't get to do."

Brown says it's that very reason that has more and more children coming back each year. "Every year they are excited to be a part of this. There are a lot of things you have kids do they aren't excited about, but this is one thing they do get excited about. I think it makes them feel good to know that, hey, I'm getting to help other people."

Nine year old Hannah James says she enjoyed the Math A Thon as well, "It was fun raising money for the kids."

No matter how much fun they have, they don't lose site of what they're doing and why they're doing it. First grade student, Emily Wallace, "They're gonna help the people so they can get the people out of the hospital."

So far, students have raised over $3,500 and they're not stopping anytime soon. They intend to keep collecting money until Friday, March 18th.

For more information about Riverside East Elementary or about how you can help, log onto their website.

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