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ASU community says goodbye to Dr. Robert Potts

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State University students, staff and personnel say goodbye to Dr. Robert Potts in a retirement reception that was held on Monday afternoon in the Student Union.

Dr. Potts first came to ASU in 2006 at the University's Chancellor and then was later named Interim President. Potts says he's enjoyed his time as a member of Arkansas State University and the one thing he'll definitely take away with him is the people he's met. "The wonderful people of this university and Northeast Arkansas and the entire state of Arkansas. I just, I've never worked in a place where people have been any nicer to us than here and it's just, we've made some really life long friendships. So, that's the most exciting part of this five year adventure."

When asked what meant most to him during his years at ASU, Dr. Potts said there were several. "One of the things is establishing a really strong relationship between the faculty and the staff and getting those relationships really strong and adopting a shared governance process here. Second was probably the smooth way we changed from Indians to the Red Wolves. I thought that was a great thing to be around when it happened. And of course, expansion of the enrollment and increase of the admission standards. And all of these things wouldn't have happened without the work of other people. I don't take credit for any of it really. I was just here when they happened and got to steer the ship a little bit."

Dr. Potts had these words of wisdom he wanted to share with the ASU community. "Be excited about the future. Look at the opportunities that are out there, the momentum of Arkansas State, Jonesboro and the entire system as we're going right now. Be happy that this institution is in Arkansas rather than some state that's having terrific budget problems and be optimistic about moving forward."

Dr. Potts says his immediate plans for the future are to start taking things easy and enjoy life. "I'm going to slow down. And I'm also going to do some fishing and hunting. I'm going to write a book or two. But first I've got to get some medical issues addressed and I'm very optimistic that I can do that in the next few months. Do some things I enjoy and I want to do some service projects, too. I'm involved with one of the companion organizations to Habitat for Humanity. I'm on the advisory board of that and I'd like to get more active within my church and be a good grandfather, husband and father."

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