Arkansas city trying to alleviate flooding problems

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Over the years flooding has been a problem in parts of Jonesboro, but now the city is working to put a stop to street flooding in the neighborhoods across town.

L.M. Duncan is the Jonesboro Chief Operations Officer and said many of the drainage ditches are full.

He said, "Most of it is leaves and dirt that has washed in the tiles and stopped the tiles up."

Debris has clogged the drainage ditches to the point that street flooding has occurred in parts of the city according to Duncan.

"It would just get over the streets and maybe up in the yards a little on some of them," said Duncan.

He said a plan was developed last year to help alleviate street flooding in Jonesboro.

"We have a maintenance program set-up where we go around and check all the ditches," said Duncan.

In addition to checking the ditches, the city maintenance crews are cleaning out all the loose debris.

Duncan said they are currently working on the north side of town.

Duncan said, "We're going to try to clean out all the ditches in this area, but all over town too."

Duncan said it normally takes about six months for the drainage ditches to fill back up once they have been cleared. But they plan to continue the cleaning process quite often.

"About every four months we should make the whole city. Going around checking them that way we can keep them all cleaned out," said Duncan.

He said the maintenance program is only the beginning of something bigger that the city is currently working on to help with flooding.

Duncan said, "A major field study with the Corp of Engineers we're doing. So we've got several big projects with detention ponds at Ivy Green."

Duncan said since they've had the maintenance program in place, the number of flooding reports across the city have dropped. He expects that to continue once they clear all the ditches across the city.

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