Women in leadership speak out

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Women at Arkansas State University are stepping up.

The first annual Women in Leadership Summit took place at the Student Union on Wednesday.

Four guest speakers were asked to talk about their roles as women and discuss a variety of different topics with audience members.

ASU Sophomore Jasmine Jackson says she felt the summit was an opportunity that female faculty and students should take advantage of.

"I'm open to learning anything. Anything that I don't already know about women and leadership."

Mrs. Florine Tousant Milligan was one of the guest speakers at the summit.

Milligan was recently appointed to the state higher education coordinating board.

Milligan says it's important for women to get together at events like this to talk about their roles in the past, where they stand today and where they hope to be tomorrow.

"Women need to know who they are, who we are, they need to leave a legacy with younger women, we need to know that we have the same tenacity and fortitude as men. Even though we would not exclude men, but just hope they will be allies right along with us. So, that's why it's important to reinforce who we are."

The Area Human Resources Manager for Sherwin Williams, Breck England, also spoke at the summit.

England says she, too, feels it's important for women to take the opportunity to gather at events like this.

"I think it's very important for women to have mentors, people to look up to so that it can empower them and their job search. They can be successful at anything they put their minds to."

Milligan says she intends to speak to audience members about a variety of different things.

"I'm going to be speaking on who we are, the history of women in regards to March and the Women's Summit, and the characteristics and qualities of an effective leader and certain role models."

England says she plans to speak to women about the job industry.

"I'm going to be speaking about job savvy networking and mentoring. So, hopefully, I'll be able to give these ladies some tips and tricks on how to find a career in a job that meets their qualifications and expectations when they graduate."

Assistant Dean of Students, Kimberley Johnson, says hearing these women speak

"It's a wonderful opportunity to come out and mingle with faculty, staff and students. It's also a great opportunity to feel empowered about what women are doing all around the world."

For more information about the Career Management Center that hosted the event, log onto their website.

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