Four arrested for meth, fifth man sought

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – During a residential search, Greene County Deputies arrested four people and are looking for a fifth.

According to Deputy Patrick Lenderman, officers went to search a home on 322 Greene County Road 946 after learning that parolee Billy Ray "Jasper" Tipton, 47, of Paragould was making meth at his home along with parolee Martin David Strugala, 40, of Paragould; Richard Alan Wall, 41, of Paragould; Pamela Kaye Hensley, 49, of Paragould; and Dianna Nicole Sairis, 26, of Brookland.

Strugala's Parole officer Rick Barker, Sergeant Mike Ryles, Deputy Aaron Page, and Deputy Ken Womack aided Lenderman in the search.

Police said Strugala ran as soon as they pulled into the driveway. Officers said they tried to catch Strugala, but say they lost track of him in the dense woods. Officers Barker and Ryles said Tipton ran into the bathroom as they entered the house.

Lenderman said he noticed a strong chemical smell within the home commonly associated with a meth lab. In one bedroom, officers said they found an opened bottle of sulfuric acid and a large opened container of salt lying together.  Officers said they also found coffee filters, sandwich bags, side cutters, pliers, digital scales, a police scanner, and a bent spoon with a white residue.

In the bathroom, Officers said they found a black duffel bag containing two one-pot meth labs along with a hydrochloric acid generator, which was still actively "smoking".

Also in the bag, Officers said they found a zip lock sandwich bag containing what appeared to be Coleman fuel and methamphetamine, which had not been filtered yet, and a bottle of lye along with plastic tubing and coffee filters, which had been used in the process of manufacturing methamphetamine.

In the living room, Officers said they found a wooden box containing lithium batteries, syringes, a glass pill grinder, a glass pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana, and two syringes.

A warrant will be issued for Martin Stugala for felony fleeing.

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