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Tyler Hawks Reports

Married Housing Improvements at ASU

September 3, 2003 - Posted at: 9:28 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Nettleton high school sweethearts, Jacob and Lauren Sawyer have been newlyweds for the past two months. After a nice honeymoon in the Bahamas, Jacob and Lauren started their new life together in what may look like a vacation resort.

The Indian Village Apartments are now the location for married student housing at Arkansas State University, replacing mobile home trailers that had been on campus since the 60s.

ASU construction planners, who worked to come up with a good plan to build apartments on campus for mainly married and graduate students, took the idea from a resort in Destin, Florida.

"We've got a scholarship that helps cover the rent," Jacob Sawyer said. "And the utilities. The phone and the Internet are all covered in the rent, so it's really low. We like it a lot."

ASU's construction project isn't over at the apartments known as Indian Village. ASU's Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Dr. Rick Stripling says there are more finishing touches, and available apartments on the way.

"We have had a waiting list for several months," he said. "While we are working to finish the apartments that aren't occupied, we already have a list of people ready to move in," said Stripling.

ASU is only accepting graduate students, non-traditional, married and single parent students to be Indian Village tenants. ASU officials say the nearby trailers students have lived in, which include some that have been on the campus for up to forty years, will someday be moved to make way for more improvements.

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