ABA franchise will be playing in Northeast Arkansas this fall

Indianapolis, IN (ABA) - The American Basketball Association (ABA) announced that it has added a third team to the state of Arkansas for next season. "We are very pleased to add a third team to Arkansas to complement the new teams in Conway and Little Rock," stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO. "And in Jeremy Oakes and his partners, we have a terrific group with both business and basketball experience. The team will be located in Northeast Arkansas and will be playing teams in Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi and Oklahoma. It should be a fabulous division and we are delighted to have them."

"We have been very eager to own our own professional basketball team," stated Oakes. "This has been a long time in the works and we wanted to be sure that we had everything in place. We are now comfortable that we will have a great organization and be successful both on and off the court. The support we've been receiving already from the communities we'll serve has been terrific and we are excited."

The team will be owned by NEA Entertainment Group, Inc. Additional details relating to venues, organization, website, tryouts, opportunities, etc will be forthcoming shortly.

For more information, you can call Jeremy Oakes at (870) 824-9965 or email oakes.jeremy@ymail.com