Libyan national speaks out on events in home country

Courtesy: Marwan Thurhoni
Courtesy: Marwan Thurhoni

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A Libyan National in Arkansas is closely monitoring the situation in his home country. Marwan Thurhoni, who has attended Arkansas State University for the last year and a half, said his family lives in several different parts of Libya. Some relatives even fight for opposition forces against Dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

"I also have family who are in the city of Masrata," said Marwan. "I've got other relatives in all over the cities of Libya."

Marwan said Tuesday he constantly talks to his family back home. Some friends of his have told him about the struggle.

"The city is having a crisis right now. They cut the water, electricity and they can't get any supplies or any kind of food," said Marwan. "They are also running out of ammunition to fight Gadhafi back."

Marwan said many countries in the Middle East are starting to realize they can fight dictators and win.

"The people are very brave. They are fighting for their freedom. They've waited for this moment very long, and they won't give up for it," said Marwan. "They would rather die and not to be ruled by him anymore."

"They're still struggling. They're still watching. Is it going to be possible to happen? Is it possible that we're going to be free?"

Marwan said one of the reasons he's upset with the Libyan government is the standard of living for most citizens.

"He killed his own people with brutality, defenseless. Libyan people are, all of them are unarmed. Having a weapon is illegal for four decades. Nobody in my family have a weapon," said Marwan. "He faced these people with the guns and tanks and with airplanes and things like that."

"They are living in a situation that they shouldn't be living in. They should be living better. 30% of the Libyan people are unemployed," said Marwan.

Marwan visited Washington D.C. over the weekend, where he rallied with hundreds of other Libyan nationals on the back lawn of the White House.

"We were chanting against Gadhafi," said Marwan. "They know that this regime can stay no more, and nobody of the people want him anymore."

Hours before the rally, Marwan learned France had begun air strike operations against pro-Gadhafi forces.

"If these countries, the big countries didn't interfere, then other dictators will do the same to their people," said Marwan. "It feels to me that is very heroic, what are they doing for fighting for the freedom for their families and their friends."

"Libyan people are fighting for their freedom and to tell the Gadhafi regime and all other dictators that all people deserve freedom," said Marwan. "I've had nightmares about things when I wake up in the middle of the night and I see the destruction of the videos and unimaginable videos that I saw about the children, like maybe 3 months, or a child like 6 years old. These people are very innocent."

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