Debut Day for Jonesboro Businesses

September 4, 2003 - Posted at: 10:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- After watching them grow from the ground up the last few months, Thursday was the debut day for two Jonesboro businesses.

While the McDonald's on Nettleton is not really new, it has a new, older look. The new "Mickey D's" brings back the familiar Golden Arches along with the red and white tiles of the original restaurant design.

"It's evolution I guess," said franchise owner Fred Tillman. "We started off with the red tile buildings in 1956. There is approximately 100 in the country like this and they're very successful, because for a lot of people that grew up with McDonald's, this brings back memories."

Despite the 1950's look, the technology is 21st century. The kitchen and the drive through are fully modern. The new retro diner's decor does feature Route 66 upholstery on the seats, two 50's classic car booths, and an old fashioned juke box that plays CDs, and not 45's.

"Anytime the customers play it, that money goes to the Ronald McDonlad house in Memphis," Tillman said.

For Elbert Hawkins and his wife, their first stop of the day was at the newly opened Home Depot store on Parker Road.

"I've been watching this thing grow and I just wanted to be here," said one customer who was there at dawn to be one of the first in the DIY paradise.

"Home Depot is for everybody," store manager Beverly Williams said. "Home depot is for the do-it-yourself-era. Home Depot is for the person that wants it installed. Home Depot is for the pro that installs."

These two grand opening precede more grand openings in Jonesboro's economic future. A new Sam's Club wholesale outlet is expected to open by year end, in addition to a new mall facility in southwest Jonesboro.