American Workers Speak up for Jobs

 Saturday, September 6, 2003

This Saturday a national rally was held in Jonesboro in response to the closing of General Electric (GE).

Companies all over the U.S. have been closing their doors and sending work to other countries.  Now workers like Wayne Nash says no more.

"People are going to be out on the welfare line and things like that which nobody wants to be."

Nearly one hundred people gathered to speak out from all across the mid-west. Timothy Webster came to support fellow workers.

"I think that's bad that they take our jobs from Tennessee from America and send them overseas because we need our jobs here we need jobs too."

Elaine Golden is a single mother and says losing her job at GE makes things tough on her family.  She says it's time for America to start fighting for it's people.

"They sent our boys and girls over there to fight for other countries and to fight for our freedom and now they're sending our jobs overseas, that's a sad situation. We've got to take care of home, we've got to take care of ourselves and our families."

Senator Tim Wooldridge says elected officials should go to battle for American jobs.

"We need to make sure that things we do will not create undo hardship on businesses and thus cause more businesses to leave the state."

That's a practice workers say has to stop.