Bay fifth grader heads to Washington

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A Region 8 elementary school student will soon be heading to Washington D.C. Bay Elementary fifth grade student, Cali Houston, was recently chosen and accepted to go to Junior National Young Leaders Conference.

Fifth grade Math and Science instructor, Rebecca Johnson, nominated Cali for the conference because she felt she was what the organization was looking for. "Cali exhibits all of the qualities they are looking for in the students they are inviting. She is a leader. She's very conscious about her work and kept very strong grades. I feel like she's got great character. I feel like she's someone the other fifth grade students should look up to and she's really polite and composed."

Johnson says she's thrilled Cali's getting this rare opportunity and is excited about all the things she'll learn while there. "She will get to learn about setting goals for her future and how to keep and maintain those goals. She's going to learn about how to be a better leader in her community when she comes back home. She'll get to learn about American History and visit all the National sites in Washington D. C."

Cali says she was shocked when she was selected and is thrilled to be getting this opportunity. "I was really excited, but I was really shocked because I didn't ever think I would get the opportunity to go."

And what is Cali looking forward to most? "I can't wait to meet the President. I'd like to know a lot about him and ask him some questions about his life and how it is working as the President."

Cali will be heading to Washington sometime in June, and is the first student from Bay Elementary to be selected to go.

For more information about this conference, log onto their website.

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