Vietnam veterans honored for their service

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Turmoil surrounded the Vietnam War in southeast Asia and disapproval  in the states was fierce.  These days we line our streets when our soldiers come home, but for many Vietnam vets their welcome was anything but warm.

"I just thought it took too long for anything like this to happen," said Vietnam veteran, Carl Bragg.

Decades after that controversial  war, some of those who fought got the welcome back they didn't get when they first came home.

"It's been one of the best days that we've had since I've been back," said Bragg.

"I spent so many years not even mentioning the fact that I was a Vietnam veteran because you never knew what to expect from someone who would hear that," said Vietnam vet, Eddie Joe Barker.

Wednesday night, those Vietnam vets got applause and thank you's. It's something Sergeant First Class Joshua Wheeler says they deserved.

"I know these guys are overdue," said Wheeler.

Wheeler says many of the Vietnam veterans didn't get the send offs and warm welcome homes we see today.

He says he's glad to see many are finally getting a thank you.

"I hope they know that we appreciate them," said Wheeler.

Carl Bragg says he is glad to see heartfelt welcome backs for today's returning veterans.

"I was at Gulfport to see those boys crawl off that airplane honey--I sure was," said Bragg.

He says he's worked with some of the returning veterans and enjoys it--other veterans he now call friends.

"Show them respect that we never received," said Bragg.

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