New tornado siren getting added in Walnut Ridge

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - Most likely you've heard a tornado siren before. If so, you know it's an unforgettable sound that is sure to grab your attention anytime you hear it.

Walnut Ridge recently installed a new tornado siren at the fire station off Highway 67B. According to Mayor Don House the new siren can be heard for a one to two mile radius.

Mayor House said, "It covers part of the older area that had a little bit of hearing problem from the other sirens.

Tommy Dunlap lives a short distance from the new siren. He said prior to this it was very hard to hear the old siren.

Dunlap said, "The old one was out on the old fire station and you could only hear it if the wind was just right. It would be real faint."

The new siren is much louder and will be easier to hear at Dunlap's house. However, it's important to remember that these sirens are for outdoor warning.

"I think it will alert the people out here because young children that's out playing or anything they not realize that it's going to come up so fast," said Dunlap.

The price of the siren wasn't cheap. It cost nearly $30,000, but Dunlap said the siren is worth every penny.

"I think that it's an expense that's well worth it and I would like to see it go as far as it can go even out into the counties," said Dunlap.

The city now has a total of four tornado sirens providing coverage to the entire city. Fire Chief Frank Owens said they now have the ability to set the sirens off from the Lawrence County Dispatch Center.

This will give them multiple locations to activate the sirens in case the power should go out or if there is another emergency.

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