Newport Senior Aces ACT Exam

Newport High School senior Will Scoggins scored a 36 on the ACT. (KAIT/L.Gunter)
Newport High School senior Will Scoggins scored a 36 on the ACT. (KAIT/L.Gunter)

September 9, 2003 - Posted at: 8:58 p.m. CDT

NEWPORT, Ark. -- Of the 6,500 Arkansas students that took the ACT exam in June, only one aced it.

Will Scoggins is that student. The Newport High senior scored a 36, the highest possible score on the exam. Staying cool throughout the test is what Scoggins says helped him.

"Some people are real good in school, real smart but they really stress out about the test," Scoggins said. "I just took it to take it."

He says he had a good feeling once he put his pencil down, but he was shocked at the outcome.

"I just thought I did good," Scoggins, who is also a member of the Greyhound football team, said. "I didn't know I had done as well as I had."

The ACT is broken it four testing areas: English, Math, Reading and Science. In 2003, students who took the test averaged a score of 20.8 points.

Scoggins score means he nearly aced each section. Ed Jones, Scoggins's JROTC teacher says he recognized his potential right away.

"He's very smart and well rounded too, so it didn't surprise me," Jones said.

Scoggins says the best thing about his test scores is the college of his choice and possibly a free ride.

"It will be a big help for me and my parents to have the financial leeway and all the opportunities that are available to me now," Scoggins said. "I can go out of state just as easy as I can in state."

Jones says colleges, businesses and the military will all want a guy like will on their team.

"He's a leader, good kid and he stays out of trouble," he said.

Through it all, Scoggins still keeps a level head around his classmates at Newport High School.

"I'm not above anyone else, I just did good on that test," Scoggins said.