Medical staff prepare for trauma

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-More than thirty Region 8 medical staff were putting their heads together on Thursday to talk about trauma issues.

Vice President of Patient Clinical Services for St. Bernard's, Kathryn Blackman, is the level three representative for

the Northeast Arkansas Trauma Regional Advisory Council.

Blackman says they were working on finalizing their destination protocols for the Region 8 area.

Blackman says this means they're working to answer an important question should someone get in a trauma accident.

"What hospital should you be directed to when EMS picks up if you are in a traumatic accident or have a traumatic injury? So, we're working on what kind of injuries should go immediately to a level one which would be the MED in Memphis. Or what injuries could come to St. Bernard's?"

Blackman says it's extremely important for representatives from different medical facilities to get together and go over these issues in order to serve the public more effectively.

"What a trauma system does for the public is get the patient to the place they need to be more quickly. It prevents delays, people get treated more rapidly and that saves lives."

Blackman says medical representatives from all over the state were in attendance.

"We have people from all over representing EMS services, Air EVAC, representatives from the MED in Memphis and the Metropolitan EMS in Little Rock are just a few examples of the people we have attending the meeting."

TRAC meets once a month and their meetings are open to the public.

For more information about this conference, log onto their website.

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