Arkansas State University's Centennial Celebration comes to an end

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Friday, April 1st marked the end of Arkansas State University's Centennial Celebration.

Director of the Centennial Celebration, Ruth Hawkins, says a number of events were planned throughout the day.

"This is an exciting day for us because it's our Founders Day. We use his day to have a number of activities that really are the conclusion to our centennial celebration. Earlier this afternoon we had a ceremony at the arch to recognize the Faculty Women's Club for their support in helping us landscape that historic arch that is such a prominent part of our campus. And then, we honored our Centurians. This is a group of people who have given ten or more years of service as Administrators to Arkansas State University."

Interim Chancellor for Arkansas State University, Dan Howard, says those chose to be honored as Centurians were both surprised and pleased.

"They were very humbled and very appreciative of the recognition. But these are individuals who have given of themselves selflessly for many years and have contributed greatly to what makes Arkansas State University a magnificent university."

Hawkins says another exciting event was the unveiling of the ASU Centennial book.

"The Centennial Book has been a long time in the making. It's an exciting book because it's not just a standard history of the University. It's a book that's really going to convey the personality of the institution. It's one hundred stories written by one hundred people and it's different reflections on events that happened when they were here on campus or maybe a period of time they remember during their years here."

Hawkins says it's vital we acknowledge where we come from to understand where we are today and where we're going.

"It's really, really important to remember our past and to recognize the people who have been part of our past because they have built the foundation that we continue to build on and that's what helps us grow into the future. So, as we move into our next century we will just continue to build on the exciting things that have happened in the first one hundred."

April 1st marked Arkansas State University's Founder Day.

It is officially one hundred and two years of age.

For more information about the days events, log onto their website.

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