Seniors learn how to defend themselves

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A group of Region 8 senior citizens are getting ready for action.

A self defense class is being offered at the East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging location in Jonesboro.

More than twenty local residents filled in Friday afternoon to get some first hand training from Chris Chamberlain.

Chamberlain is a sixth degree black belt and has been teaching karate and self defense classes for twenty-five years.

Chamberlain says attendees don't need to come in already knowing certain moves.

"This is the first class so we're going to go over the basics. Talk about what do in a confrontation. Sometimes it's better not to fight back. We'll then progress to if you can't get out of the situation what you can do if you are assaulted. These are all some simple techniques. We're breaking it down into simple stuff you can learn in one or two sittings."

Nathan Gann is the Lifestyle Specialist for the East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging.

Gann says he and his co workers felt it was important to offer senior citizens a self defense class.

"In today's world, the crime rate seems to always continue to go up. With so many crimes being committed in these larger cities, it's just a matter of time before it gets to areas like Jonesboro. The police force can only do so much. They're wonderful and they do they're job very well, but it's great if you know how to defend yourself before the police get there."

Chamberlain says no one is too old to learn how to avoid a confrontation or keep yourself from getting hurt.

"They always think I can't do that. This is something I'm too old for and I can't do it and I would like to encourage them to come out and at least watch and you might find out that you can do this. Everybody can do this."

Chamberlain says people just need to come out and give it a try.

"Senior citizens, women and even children should know some self defense. You can't be too prepared and so, it can't hurt. If nothing else you've gotten a little bit of exercise and a little bit more knowledge and confidence when you go out into the world so that you don't feel as threatened by certain situations because a calm head is usually the first thing I try to teach."

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