Economic issues will soon be discussed

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-If you've got a question about the economy there's a group of people who can probably answer it.

An Economic Outlook Conference will be taking place on Wednesday, April 6th at the Cooper Alumni Center at Arkansas State University.

Three different speakers will be focusing on different economic issues, and they are Vincent Boberski, the Senior Vice President for Vining Sparks IBG, Michael Pakko, the State Economic Forecaster and the Director of the Center for Economic Education and Professor of Economics at Arkansas State University, Gary Latanich.

Latanich says people often confuse business and the economy as the same thing.

"Economics and business are two entirely different things. If you're a business man you understand revenue and cost for your particular entity. But at the macro level things are very different. What works for us in isolation doesn't necessarily work at the national level. To understand how the nation functions, you really have to hear a totally different story."

Latanich says the problem is people only looking at thing from their perspective, alone.

"Most people see things from their particular viewpoint. And so, for individuals doing very well there opinion is I don't see what the problem is. Others who haven't found work in years can't understand why the government doesn't help more. And we only have a limited view from our perspective. That's why something like this is important. We need to go beyond and search out more knowledge, learning what is the bigger picture that I don't live in? What are the experts saying about this issue here and how will it effect my fellow citizens?"

Latanich says the crucial time is now.

People need to learn about our economy so that the best decisions can be made for everyone.

"Our nation's at a crossroads. There are some huge decisions that are going to be made that will have decade long repercussions that will be for our benefit or our ill and we need to make wise decisions, now. And this conference is basically designed to point out where we need to be going and why and how to get there."

There will be a question and answer session at the end of the conference.

The conference will take place from eleven to one.

There is a ten dollar fee to pay for the food at the luncheon.

To register for this conference, you can call 972-300 or email Tara Watson at the Delta Center for Economic Development.

For more information about the upcoming conference, log onto their website.

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