Mass e-mail security breach leaks private information

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO (KAIT) - The internet is a great tool for connecting with old friends, paying your bills online, and planning your next big night out. But it's also a prime target for crooks.  Late last month, security at a company that specializes in e-mail marketing was breached.  It's affected many of America's largest companies and, possibly you.

If you've logged onto your e-mail recently, you might have received a few messages that caught your eye. A massive security breach at e-mail marketing firm Epsilon sparked security alerts Monday warning consumers of a possible spam attack threat.

"There's claim that this is largest breach in U.S. history," said Tom Bozikis of the Better Business Bureau.

A breach felt by many of the big box companies including Best Buy, Citibank, and Walgreens. "There's no social security numbers or credit card information, no financial information whatsoever was hacked," said Bozikis.

But the breach did expose names and e-mail addresses of millions of consumers across the country. While an e-mail address might not seem like a big deal, it could un-lock the door for criminals to "spear phish" an e-mail fraud attempt to obtain personal information. The scariest part? The e-mails could look like they're from a legitimate company. Many companies, like Walgreens, informed customers they would never ask for any sensitive information through e-mail.

To be on the safe-side:

-If you come across an e-mail that looks suspicious delete it.

-You can also boost your e-mail's spam settings.

-and, if there is an e-mail you have questions about, it's best to just pick up the phone and call the company directly.

In a press release, Epsilon says it's currently investigating the situation.  For more information about what to look out for check out the following links.


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