Bedside Infant Sleepers being recalled

(Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission)
(Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission)

WASHINGTON, DC (KAIT) – The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling over 75,000 Infant Bed-Side Sleepers because they could lead to entrapment, suffocation, and fall hazards.

According to the CPSC, Arm's Reach Concepts is recalling about 76,000 Infant Bed-Side Sleepers because the fabric liner could pose a suffocation risk.

When the fabric liner is not used or is not securely attached, infants can fall from the raised mattress into the loose fabric at the bottom of the bed-side sleeper, or can become entrapped between the edges of the mattress.

The CPSC and Arm's Reach has received 10 reports of infants falling from the raised mattress, or becoming entrapped between the edge of the mattress and the side of the sleeper. No injuries have been reported.

For more information on this recall, including model numbers and contact information, click here.

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