Allergy season has arrived in Region 8

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – All winter long people look forward to spring because they can finally spend more time outside. But the change of season can lead to pain for those that have allergies.

Dr. Hornbeck, Pediatrician at Pediatric Associates of Jonesboro said, "It really correlates with when trees start blooming out and leafing out and the pollen count rises."

He said the number of children that come in this time of year is on the rise.

"About spring break on into the summer and fall months is when we really start seeing an increase in allergy symptoms," said Dr. Hornbeck.

Kim Marshall has a son with allergies and she said it's something you have to get used to this time of year.

"It always seems to affect their eyes. Fatigue is part of it. Ear infections can be a sign of it because of the sinus drainage," said Marshall.

If you have allergies there are a number of medications that you can use to treat the symptoms.

"In this day and age the once a day long acting anti-histamines are kind of the foundation that can really give a lot of kids relief," said Dr. Hornbeck.

Kim Marshall says her son uses a lot of over-the-counter medications and it helps. But from experience she offers some other advice too.

Marshall said, "More rest. I think better eating would help."

Dr. Hornbeck said if the symptoms are bad enough, an allergist may be the route to take. However, if you like spending time outdoors don't completely change your plans.

Dr. Hornbeck said, "Once a child or a teenager or an adult for that matter is allergic to trees and grass it's not really practical to avoid it."

After you or your child have spent time outdoors, especially on a windy day, Dr. Hornbeck said you should go in and shower and change clothes. This will clean all the pollen off your body.

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