The facts surrounding sexual assaults

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-One group of people are working hard to make women of all ages aware of the facts surrounding sexual assaults.

Deena Voyles is a counselor at Arkansas State University.

Deena and her co workers set up an interactive question and answer game for students to play in the Student Union Center.

Deena says activities like this one are something they practice to try and get students involved.

"We do a lot of interactive games in order to bring the students in and hopefully start a dialogue to talk to them about the situation. This is to bring awareness to the students on campus about how to keep themselves safe and what they can do to keep their friends and family members safe."

Deena says one of the biggest problems with sexual assaults is the misconception that an attack comes from someone hiding in the bushes.

"Probably one of the biggest misconceptions is that a strangers going to attack them and that's not the case. Most of the time it's someone that you know. Acquaintance rape is what we call it and those are the most common situations."

Jordan Mooney is a senior at Arkansas State University.

Jordan was on her way to her car when she saw the booth and decided to stop.

"I personally didn't know that the counseling center was so open to everyone. I've just never needed it, I guess, but I think this is great because it can catch students attention who might not event think to go visit the counseling center and it can really open their eyes to issues they might not event think about."

Jordan says she felt the information was really good.

"I've learned it needs to be on someone's mind constantly. It took me a while to answer some of the questions because it's not something I think about all the time. I think this is good for students because it brings out things they really probably weren't thinking about and it could really save an individual's life."

Deena says another contributing factor to assaults is alcohol.

"If there's any way you can avoid alcohol at all, do it. Alcohol, sexual assault and domestic violence go hand in hand. Anytime alcohol is involved in any situation you have an increased chance of sexual assault or domestic violence happening.

Sometimes a student may be at a party, they've had a couple of drinks and they become drunk. There inhibitions are let down and they may say yes when really if they were not drunk it would have been a no. There's a big relationship between alcohol and sexual assaults on our campuses. And also, a lot of people don't realize that ninety percent of the time the person knows the perpetrator, and that's another aspect of the information that we try to get out."

Due to the fact that many assaults occur with someone the victim knows, they often go unreported.

The number for Arkansas State University's Counseling Center is 972-2318.

For more information about this event or others, log onto their website.

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