Game and Fish officer honored for heroism

Officer Michael Neal
Officer Michael Neal

FAIRFAX, VA (KAIT) – An Arkansas Game and Fish Wildlife officer who put his life on the line to stop two gunmen is being honored by the National Rifle Association.

The NRA has named Officer Michael Neal as its 2010 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.  According to the NRA, Neal was selected for his "selfless act of valor" on May 20, 2010 in West Memphis.

Earlier that day a man and his son shot and killed West Memphis Police Officers Brandon Paudert and Bill Evans during a traffic stop.

The suspects' van was later spotted on the parking lot of WalMart.  When officers tried to block their escape, the two suspects opened fire.

Officer Neal rammed his Game and Fish truck into the van and immediately came under fire.  More than a dozen bullets pierced his windshield, dash and grill.  Neal returned fire through the windshield.  He then backed up his truck, jumped out and continued firing at the suspects.

According to NRA President Ron Schmeits, "Officer Neal is a prime example of what a heroic and dedicated law enforcement officer does in the line of duty."

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