Olympic games take place at ASU

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-The local area seven field and track games for the Special Olympics, junior division, kicked off Friday morning.

Investigator Trey Dupuy with the Jonesboro Police Department Prowl Unit says the crowd seems to get bigger every year.

"We had a great turn out from all the schools that were participating. Around four hundred kids participated in the days games."

Dupuy says the olympic games are more than a lot of fun for those that choose to participate.

Competitors spend a lot of time training for the days events and are provided with an opportunity to socialize with others.

"The Special Olympics is something they train for year round, plus the athletes get to engage in a social setting as well as participate in a sports competition that helps to build character."

Steven Blansett goes to Brookland Junior High and is one of this year's participants.

Steven won the silver medal for the four hundred meter dash.

He says he comes back every year to compete because there are so many things to do and he has a great time with everyone.

"It was a lot of fun and I have fun running the four hundred meter dash."

A "Tent City" was set up where officers cooked burgers and hot dogs for audience members and competitors.

Local law enforcement has been involved with the Special Olympics since 1985.

Saturday opening ceremonies for the adult division will kick off at Arkansas State University's track at nine.

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