National Rehab Week

Nearly seventy percent of people in the United States will go through some form of rehabilitation in their lifetime. 
In 1976 National Rehab week was established and beginning Monday rehabilitation centers like Healthsouth of Jonesboro prepare for a week of activities.

Melanie Wilcoxsin, director of marketing, says their facility is functional, even down to the garden.

"In our courtyard we have a rehab therapist that comes out here everyday if my grandma likes to garden that's what she does we get her back to gardening before she leaves."

This week Healthsouth is a participating in national rehab week. They will be paying tribute to rehabilitation professionals and patients by hosting stroke screenings at the NEA Fair, physician recognition and patient reunion.

Specialists say rehab is not only for the elderly.  Physical therapist Al Brodell says he treats everything from stroke victims to athletic injuries.

"...In their everyday life getting them back to work or the sports field or back to their grand kids."

He says there are definate rewards in this business and patients have to stay determined as they push to get better.

"They can expect a lot of hard work but work that's going to get them back out to where they need to be."

Living an enjoying everyday life.