Proposed annexation site visited by Jonesboro city leaders

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The NEA Fair Board would like to call the nearly 80 acre plot of land, located off Highway 49 North,  the new home for the fairgrounds.  The Jonesboro City Council still hasn't voted on whether or not to annex and rezone the land.  It's land leaders got an up close look at.

"We need to just take our time and just go out there and just look at it from, like John said, from every angle, every aspect, and gather all the facts we can," said Jonesboro City Council Member, Mikel Fears.

Part of that fact-finding mission for Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin and several Jonesboro City Council Members  included a bus tour of the proposed property for annexation into the city and proposed rezoning.

"If you're on the site, you can look around and actually see 3-d, you know and kind of get a better perspective," said Jonesboro City Council Member, John Street.

A chance to put paper aside, according to Perrin, and actually see the property, people, roads and area surrounding it.

"The council is looking at this thing at every conceivable way as far as drainage, traffic, safety," said Perrin.

The near 80 acre plot of land is where the fair board would like to relocate the fairgrounds, but it's being met with some very strong opposition from those living in the area.

Perrin says at this point, the only items before the council regarding the land are a proposal to annex the land into the city and a proposal to rezone it.

He adds Monday Night's site visit was just to get a better picture.

"We'll pull up at exactly the property line will start where all the alderman can see exactly where it's going to be," said Perrin.

Perrin says this was only a site visit--all discussions and motions were to be held until the April 19th council meeting.

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