Father-son arrested, charges dropped, son back in jail

Bob Castleman (Source: Lawrence Co. Sheriff)
Bob Castleman (Source: Lawrence Co. Sheriff)

IMBODEN, AR (KAIT) – Charges against an Imboden man have been dropped after he was arrested one day before his son. Now, the man's son is back behind bars after he was out on bond.

According to a court release, charges of possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to manufacture a controlled substance against 60-year-old Bob Castleman were dropped after his April 12 arrest in Hoxie.

On Tuesday, April 12, Randolph County Sheriff's deputies also arrested Bob Castleman's 27-year-old son, Robert Jerrod Castleman. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to manufacture a controlled substance, tampering with physical evidence and possession of a controlled substance (marijuana).

Robert J. Castleman was free on bond until June 2013 when he was jailed again by the U.S. Marshals Service. He failed a drug test and violated house arrest 11 times.

During a search of the Castleman home on the day of the younger Castleman's arrest, deputies claim they discovered several items used to make methamphetamine including copper tubing, professional drain cleaner, and empty starter fluid cans.  Deputies say they also seized marijuana and suspected marijuana seeds.

According to Investigator Ron Hitt with the Arkansas State Police Robert Jerrod Castleman said he knew his father had been arrested and knew that law enforcement officers would be coming to the residence.  Hitt says Castleman admitted to burning marijuana and a pipe in the backyard.

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