Police investigate shooting ending on neighbor's front porch

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) – Caruthersville Police are investigating the Wednesday shooting death of a man in the 1300 block of Zaida Avenue in Caruthersville.

According to police, a bloodied and seriously distressed Stephen Francis "Stevie" Smith, 29, of Caruthersville ran to a home on Zaida Avenue and began beating on the door for help. When officers arrived to the scene, they said Smith was lying on the front porch in need of immediate medical attention.

While police said they could not immediately identify what caused his injuries, they tried to stabilize him with the help of a local medical professional until an ambulance arrived from Hayti. Smith was later pronounced dead by Pemiscot County Coroner Jim Brimhall after emergency crews made every effort to resuscitate him.

According to police, further investigation revealed that Smith was killed by a single gunshot wound. Investigators said they followed the victim's blood trail to a house next door where they said an altercation broke out inside the residence during which Smith was shot. Police said Smith then left to seek help for his injuries.

An unnamed 50-year-old white male is currently in the Pemiscot County Jail as a person of interest in the case while the investigation is ongoing.

Smith's body was taken to the Mineral Area Medical Facility in Farmington for an autopsy. No motive for the shooting was released.

Agencies assisting in the investigation were the Caruthersville Police Department, Pemiscot County Sheriff's Office, Bootheel Drug Task Force, Missouri State Highway Patrol Division of Drug and Crime Control, Pemiscot County Coroner's Office, and the members of the Caruthersville Fire Department who helped secure the area during the investigation.

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CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Police are looking into a death investigation in Caruthersville.

Caruthersville City Marshall Chris Riggs says it all started when officers got a call to respond to a residence on the 1300 block of Zaida around 4 in the afternoon.

Police say a caller reported seeing a white male with blood on him, who was beating on the front door of the residence.

Riggs says when police got there, they noticed 29-year-old Stevie Smith was suffering from a gunshot wound. Riggs says emergency responders tried to save the man, but says he died on the porch.

Riggs says police traced the crime scene to the house next door. He says that's where they found their person of interest, the 50-year-old man that lives there. Riggs says at this time, he is still a person of interest, and not a suspect. He says no formal charges have been filed.

Riggs says the big piece of the puzzle missing in the case is what exactly happened between the two men that caused Smith to go to a neighbor's house bleeding.

"Unfortunately Stevie can't tell us and you know, I wish he could, I wish it never would of happened, but we have to work it when we get the calls and unfortunately it was a bad situation today, and one's detained, and one's deceased, it appears at the hands of gun," said Riggs.

"He's had a hard road, but we didn't expect it to end like this, hopefully we'll find out exactly what happened, and you know we love him and miss him dearly," said Katie Sides, one of Smith's family members.

Neighbors say the person of interest has been friendly and helpful to them in the past, but said he pretty much kept to himself.

The area around the crime scene was being secured as Missouri State Highway Patrol investigators were assisting police with the investigation.

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