Attendance encouraged at remaining ward meetings

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)  While ward 4's community conversation wasn't a packed house, some people did show up to voice their concerns.

"The best ideas come from the people and if leaders are not listening to the people, then they're not going to get the best ideas," said ward 4 resident, James Elwyn Hinds.

No topic is off limits at these meetings.  Thursday's concerns ranged from cleaning up homes and yards, to making sure the area is safe for the ward's youngest residents.

"I'm firmly convinced that every child has a right to a safe route to school....many don't have that," said Hinds.

Hinds says he would also like to see more and better sidewalks and bike paths for everyone.

"I have probably voiced my concern about this before the city council more than anyone else in the City of Jonesboro," said Hinds.

"This is a fact finding mission for the city to listen to those people and write down what's on their minds," said Jonesboro Mayor, Harold Perrin.

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin says the city spent 397 thousand dollars in ward 4 last year.  He says many of the  issues addressed citywide were raised as a result of concerns brought up during last year's meetings.

"We're asking them to tell us what they're needs are," said Perrin.

Some residents say they would like to see more participation in these type of meetings.

"If they stay home and fuss about it and don't tell them, they're not going to correct anything," said ward 4 resident, Fred Rorex.

"It's an excellent idea and it should have been done long ago.   This is the second year we've done it and hopefully we'll do it for many more years," said Hinds.

Ward 5's meeting will be April 21st at Earl Bell.  The Ward 6 meeting is April 25th at the Brazos Fire Station.

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