Lures as well as jigs, attract crappie

Lures as well as jigs, minnows attract crappie LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) – Going after crappie? Think about taking along some small lures in addition to live minnows or jigs.

For years, some anglers who have worked bass-type lures in crappie waters have occasionally caught crappie on them. If it looks like a shad or a minnow, crappie will home in on it – sometimes.

About 30 years ago when the Big O hit the fishing world in full stride as the hottest bass lure of the period, fishermen reported getting hits from crappie too. The Big O and its imitations then were offered in smaller sizes, and more crappie hit them.

A favorite of many Arkansans is the Rebel Crickhopper, a small lure that resembles a cross between a cricket and a grasshopper. It comes in a variety of colors, and it will catch crappie as well as bream and other fish.

Small Beetle Spins and Mepps Spinners are two more examples of lures than can bring in crappie.

A small lure that may look like a shad, a minnow or a crawfish just might draw a hit from a crappie when the more common attractions like jigs and minnows won't.