Staying safe during post storm clean-up

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)  Calls about downed power lines in Jonesboro and the county started in the early hours of Friday morning.  Those downed poles can be hazardous and in some cases deadly.  E-911 Director Jeff Presley advises if you run across them, stay in your vehicle.

"We don't want them getting out and touching this stuff in the roadway--not for sure if we still have power running to that service so it's best to call 9-1-1," said Presley.

Presley says after a major storm, it's smart to do damage assessments of your home for example--but he adds to do them at a safe distance.

"Make sure you don't have any electric lines down or if it's touching a gutter or a tree limb or something like that--this could be a danger to you," said Presley.

He calls them hidden dangers you may not realize exist--and his best advice is to have a professional take care of the problem.

"If your electricity is out, you may have a problem there close by.   That deals with your trees and your property so you don't want to start moving things around until that is checked," said Presley.

Finally Presley says downed trees in your yard may also pose another danger--not just because of what you see--the danger could lie in what you may not see.

"There may be something on the back side of that tree that you're not seeing so you want to be aware of those dangers--the hidden dangers of electric lines," said Presley.

In more safety information provided to Region 8 news by E-911 Director Jeff Presley, another safety tip includes if you have to get out of a vehicle because of a fire or other danger, jump out so that you do not touch the vehicle and ground at the same time.   Don't run.   Hop away keeping your feet together.   Separating your feet can create two contact points with the ground and can result in a shock if the ground is energized by a fallen wire.  Presley adds it's also a good idea to keep trees trimmed as well.

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