Police officers and community raise money for Schmidt family

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO AND TRUMANN, AR (KAIT)- Police officers and the community collected money all day Monday with 100 percent of the proceeds going to help officer Schmidt's family. Officer Jonathan Schmidt was not only a police officer, but a husband and a father of three children.

"I just feel for them. I lost my first wife, and I know they miss him," said Jonesboro resident Dale Wright.

"I've never been in a situation like this, but I know how I'd feel and my heart just breaks for them," said Julie Linnstaedter, who made a contribution.

Whether it was driving by or dropping off before or after their shopping trip. People from Jonesboro to Trumann were all eager to do what they could to give to the Schmidt family. Frances Montgomery from Trumann felt it was her duty and honor to donate whatever she could. "I just wept when I heard about the three children left and I'm going to do what I can," said Montgomery.

But she wasn't alone. "This is a giving community, and I've seen what people do. There are an awful lot of people who are willing to hand out what they can, and sometime even what they can't afford," said Linnstaedter.

"I just thank God that I got it to give, and I appreciate everything he's done," said Brinda Barker from Trumann.

People gave money left and right, as they filled up bucket after bucket. Between both locations, online, and text messaging donations, by noon Region 8 had raised more than 15 thousand dollars.

Scarlett Yates divided up her money between her two daughters, and hopes to teach her children what it means to give.

"When there is a crisis or an emergency where families need that they should give to, even though they are children, and hopefully it will stick with them whenever they become adults," said Yates.

If you were unable to make a donation today, there's still time to contribute. A fund has been set up by the Police Benevolent Foundation. You can donate by going online or by texting "COPS SCHMIDT" to 85944.

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