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Bulky Waste Moratorium

September 17, 2003 - Posted at:  5:05 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Limbs, furniture, appliances, and other rubbish are piling up in neighborhoods all over Jonesboro. In fact it's so bad, the city is only going to pick it up one more time this year and is trying to figure out how to handle the bulky debris in the future.

18 year Fox Meadow resident William Gossett says piles of limbs, furniture, mattresses, and appliances have littered his and neighborhoods all over town for weeks, and can be an eyesore. "We pay tax dollars and we ought to have more pick up," says Gossett.

But the city says, more pick up "is" the problem. Sanitation Superintendent Royce Leonard says, "we've tried to pick up people's items over the years and it's gotten to the point and it's escalated to the point where with the equipment that we have and with the people that we have, we just can't handle it."

So earlier this month, the city council passed a moratorium on bulky waste pickup, meaning Jonesboro residents can't put anything else out through the end of the year. The city is currently making one last bulk waste sweep of the city according to your trash pick up day. "It may be four to six weeks till we have everything picked up," says Leonard.

Once the city completes it's final pick up, you won't be allowed to pile up limbs and bulky items on the street anymore, but you will be able to bring them to the land fill free of charge.

And as for the future, Leonard says, "there is a Citizens Clean Sweep Advisory Committee that's meeting every two weeks and what we're trying to do is come up with an ordinance to present to the city council for passage at the first of the year that will regulate what can be put out and the frequency that we'll pick up."

The city will continue to pick up all "bagged" yard waste without interruption.

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