Packing the post office on tax day

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - While tax day might not be a good day for everyone, many say they're taking it in stride.

"Trying to avoid the hassle, but got stuck in it anyhow," said Martha Turner.

Martha Turner says she already filed her taxes. It was a good deed for a family member that left her braving the lines Monday afternoon. She says when she drove up she thought--

"Oh my gosh--it's swamped," said Turner.

She adds she was pleasantly surprised when she was in and out in no time.

"Very quick--it actually is and they're doing a real good job," said Turner.

"It wasn't as much as I expected.   I thought I would probably be here an hour to two hours," said Michelle Sneed.

Michelle Sneed is a self-admitted procrastinator, and says tax day is no different.

She says she even planned for the potential of spending plenty of time at the post office.

"I made arrangements for my kids to be picked up just in case I was trapped here," said Sneed.

So what's the reason for the last minute filer?

"I hate to let go of that money until the last possible second.   I want to hold onto it.   I think everybody hates it so much they just want to wait and get it over with at the last second," said Sneed.

"Having to pay! Nobody wants to do that.   Especially with the economy right now, they really want to stretch it out--but yes I think everybody dreads this day," said Turner.

Years ago, many post offices would stay open later on tax day to give last minute filers a little extra time. However, with the advent of e-filing, many people are going online rather than to the post office to file.  These days many post offices  keep regular hours on tax day.

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